Hi Guys!

My name is Nicolette Ventura and I am from New Castle, PA. Growing up I was always into beauty. I remember my first product I took out of my mom's make up bag..blue liquid eyeliner. I studied cosmetology at the Aveda institute of Los Angeles. I realized I hated doing hair; who am I kidding, I don't even like doing my own. I then went on getting my advanced esthetician license from the Jolie Health and Beauty Academy. I love everything that has to do with skincare and healing the body. Make up can only take you so far. It starts with a clean and fresh canvas and I loved that there were so many ways to help people with their skin issues and help them feel confident. Self tanning fell into my lap when I moved to Pittsburgh. I was sold on the idea right away. Especially, visiting the dermatologist and having her tell me I basically almost ruined my skin with the years of sun damage. Being tan just makes you feel good! There isn't another way to put it. Protecting your skin should be a top priority and I'm here to help you guys do both! Not only do I have a passion for the industry, but I have an even bigger passion for making others feel and believe they are BEAUTIFUL.

Shop, Bronze & Repeat.


xoxo Nicolette